The study of linguistics provides unique insight into the very nature of what it means to be human: communication and thinking are part of everyday life, but the complexity and breadth of what is covered and achieved by ‘language’ is baffling. Exploring this field from many different angles is what drives me in my research and teaching. My utmost goal is to inspire students to engage in learning about language and become motivated to use their skills and knowledge inside and outside the field.


The Language Conservancy:

Keres Language Weekend:

2019 W. de Reuse, W. Jones, D. Hoffmann: Keres Language, Pronunciation & Spelling

Keres Summer Institute at New Mexico State University:

2019 Teaching Keres Level 1 Methods Course, KMI 301/EDUC 270

2018 Teaching Keres Level 1 Methods Course, KMI 301/EDUC 270

Northeastern Illinois University:

2015 Typology, LING 405

University of Chicago:

2014 Linguistic Typology, LING 25000/35000

Guest lectures:

2016 The Languages of the World, LING 23900 (Australian Languages)

2015 Space and Language, LING 34090 (Frames of Reference in MalakMalak)

2015 Intro to Linguistics, LING 20001 (Language Endangerment)

2015 Contact Linguistics, LING 26310 (Language Contact in Australia)

2013 Graduate Workshop on Language Documentation

University of Manchester

Linguistics, Graduate Teaching Assistantship for:

2010-2011 Introducing English Grammar                          

2008-2009 Principles in Linguistics 

2008-2009 Introduction to Semantics        

2008-2009 Introduction to Linguistic Change       

Konstanz University of Applied Sciences


2007-2008 German Language course (B1-B2, intermediate level),

University of Konstanz

German, Linguistics

2008 German Language Course (A1, beginning level)

2007-2008 Tutor for Introduction of Linguistics

University of Adelaide and Flinders University


2005 German Language Conversation Course (B1, intermediate level)

2005 Internship at German Language Department