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Invited talks and Presentations

2019 “A Typology of Absolute Frames of Reference in Australia”. Linguistic Colloquium University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

2017 “Systems of Absolute Frames of Reference in Australia: A preliminary survey”. Presented at Specialist Workshop: Socio-Topography: On the interplay of environment, culture and language. In conjunction with the Association of Linguistic Typology Meeting, Australian National University, Canberra

2017 “Be happy when your stomach is: Bodily sensation mirrors psychological state in MalakMalak”. Presented at Specialist Workshop: Emotion metaphors in Australian languages: the role of the body, in conjunction with the Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference, University of Sydney, Australia

2017 “You don’t always just turn east: Restrictions on using Spatial Frames of Reference in Location and Orientation Descriptions in three Australian Languages”. Linguistic Seminar, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD

2016 Invitation to Specialist MeetingUniversals and Variation in Spatial Referencing across Cultures and Languages. Center for Spatial Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

2015 “Where you can be south, but not downriver of a tree: Observations on spatial language in Australia”, Department of Linguistics Colloquia Series, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

2015 “Complex Predication and Serialization in the Daly River Languages (and beyond)”, School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies Research Seminars, University of Queensland, Brisbane

2015 “Complex Predication in the Daly River Languages: Nexus and Serialization”, Linguistics Colloquium, University at Buffalo, NY

2015 ” Orientation, Deixis, and Frames of Reference: Observations from three Australian Languages”, Semantic Typology Lab, University at Buffalo, NY

2013 “Inflecting Verbs and Inflecting Coverbs? – MalakMalak’s complex predicates”, Research Unit for Indigenous Languages Seminar Series at the University of Melbourne

2013 “Complex Predicates in MalakMalak”, School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies Research Seminars at the University of Queensland, Brisbane

2013 “The Language is a Map – Frames of Reference in MalakMalak”, School of Culture, History, and Language in the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific, Australian National University, Canberra

2011 “Falling down a Cliff – Culture- and Language-specific ways of expressing path in Jaminjung and Kriol”, Language Variation and Change CAS Graduate Workshop at the University of Chicago, IL

International reviewed Conference and Workshop Presentations

2018 B. Palmer, B. Pascoe and D. Hoffmann. “Building a database of spatial referential systems in Australian languages”, Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference 2018, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

2017 “Optional nominal classifiers: Discourse and semantic constraints in an Australian language”, poster presented at The 91st Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Austin, TX

2016 “Multi-verb constructions in two languages of Northern Australia”, The 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Washington, DC

2015 “Complex Predicates in Northern Australia: Nexus and Serialization”, 11th Conference of the Association of Linguistic Typology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

2015 Hoffmann, D. and R. Henke. “Exploring applications of fieldwork data: A case study of MalakMalak complex predicates in discourse”, 4th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation, University of Hawai’i at Mãnoa, HI

2015 “Asymmetrical Serial Verb Constructions in Kriol of Northern Australia”, Society of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics Winter Meeting 2015, Portland, OR

2015Serialization in Complex Predicates in MalakMalak”, poster presented at the 89th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Portland, OR

2014 “Deixis in MalakMalak: A case of language change in an endangered language”, poster presented at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 43, Chicago, IL

2014 “Complex Predicates and coverb serialization – The Daly Language Family”, 129th Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

2013 “Mapping the language – how a dying language loses its place in the world”, AUSTRALEX 2013: Endangered Words, and Signs of Revival, University of Adelaide

2013 “Mapping words and mapping worlds: Frames of Reference in MalakMalak”, the 39th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistic Society, University of California, Berkeley, CA

2012 “Why can’t you be ‘downstream of the house’? New approaches to Frames of Reference”, 7th European Australianist Workshop, SOAS, London

2011 “The many ways of falling down a cliff: Culture- and language-specific ways of expressing path in Jaminjung and Kriol”, 3rd Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory Conference, SOAS

2010 “Path Salience in Motion Descriptions in Jaminjung”, Space and Time across Languages, Disciplines and Cultures STALDAC 2010, University of Cambridge

2010 “Where to, from and through? On the distribution of Path in Motion descriptions in Jaminjung and Kriol”, Australian Linguistic Society Annual Conference 2010, University of Queensland, Brisbane

2010 “The way to go. On the Distribution of Path in Motion Descriptions in Jaminjung and Kriol”, 19thInternational Postgraduate Linguistics Conference, Universities of Manchester and Salford

2009 “Strategies of Ground Descriptions: The Case of Jaminjung”, 6th European Australianist WorkshopKatholieke Universiteit Leuven

2009 “Orientation or Location? A Case-Study of Jaminjung and Kriol”, 2nd Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory Conference, SOAS

2009 “Motion Event Segmentation: An analysis of Jaminjung”, Student Conference on Language Documentation and Description, SOAS

2009 “Frames of Reference in Jaminjung and Kriol”, 4th Language at the University of Essex Postgraduate Conference, University of Essex

2008 “Motion Event Segmentation in Jaminjung and Kriol”, 5th European Australianist Workshop, University of Manchester

Campus Talks

2014 “Serialization in Complex Predicates in MalakMalak”, Language Variation and Change CAS Graduate Workshop at the University of Chicago

2009 “Frames of Reference in Jaminjung and Kriol”, Language Documentation and Language Contact Seminarat the University of Manchester

Talks for the General Public

2014Lost Stories? Indigenous Narratives of Australia,” Humanities Day 2014, University of Chicago

2013Moving through Space and not? Time: North Australian Dreamtime Narratives,” presented at Humanities Day 2013, University of Chicago