Endangered Languages in popular media

Serious Science 11/01/2016: Australian Languages

SBS October 2016: My grandmother’s lingo

NITV 10/06/2016: What is language extinction and why should we care?

The Scientific American 09/2016: Can an App save an endangered language?

The Conversation 02/2016: We wouldn’t be mourning lost languages if we embraced multilingualism

Intercontinental 04/2016: Preserving language key to overcoming native suicide epidemic

BBC Radio 01/2016: Reawakening Languages

The New Yorker 03/2015: A Loss for Words

List25 06/201325 Most Endangered Languages In The World

National Geographic 07/2012: Vanishing Voices

The Australian 06/2012Stop, revive and survive

The Guardian 04/2012: Endangered languages: the full list

BBC Today 10/2009: The death of language?

The Australian 08/2009: Aboriginal languages deserve revival

Wall Street Journal 09/2007: How Many Languages Are Endangered?

NY Times 09/2007: World’s languages dying off rapidly

The Guardian 10/1999: Death Sentence

Endangered Languages in professional media

Languages in Danger Book of Knowledge

Language Documentation and Conversation Academic Journal based at the University of Hawai’i

Linguistic Society of America What is an endangered language?

Linguistic Society of America Language Documentation

UNESCO Endangered Languages

Institute on collaborative language research CoLang

School of African and Oriental Studies, London Endangered Language Research 

University of Hawai’i Department of Linguistics

Endangered Language Fund Small scale research funding

Foundation for Endangered Languages Funding and public awareness

Native Languages in America Endangered Language Revitalization


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